T’was a night for Honey Creme

So it was another relatively hot night, and since le precious Rowena is in town, I took her out for dinner and thought we’d end the night with our fav, ice cream. I’ve heard about Honey Creme opening in Singapore but never had a chance to actually try the place out(last I was there they place was closed for the day) so we thought to try our luck again yesterday night and hehe, lets just say we both ended the night with our tummies filled with ice cream. Incase you don’t know already, Honey Creme is a super popular korean style dessert chain store that serves soft serve ice cream in Taiwan and Hong Kong. They have the most unique toppings ever(think popcorn, cotton candy and mixed grains)so naturally, the queue was relatively long.

I would have to say though, it wasn’t that long of a wait, the queue moved quite fast Me and Rowena spent half our time queuing trying to decide which soft serve topping to get and we painfully manage to limit it down to just 3 serves and by the time we’ve decided, it was our turn already!

This, is one of their really much raved about topping, featuring, ze honeycomb.

I’ve never had a honeycomb before, I mean, I’ve seen them in photos, in real life too, but just never really together with my food you know.

but we also got the other 2 very popular toppings. Organic Cotton Candy and Popcorn!
Loook at it, isn’t it making you drool already?

If it’s not making you drool just yet, just look again.

We had abit of a problem with the cotton candy since we didn’t quite know how to eat it so we squished the cotton candy down  and mixed it with the softserve and I have to say it must have been the way to eat it because the cotton candy all melted into the ice cream made it extra extra yummy.

Ro: Can we eat already?

Ro: like pretty please?

So I gave in and said yes as there will always a next time to take more photos.  Esp now I’ll def be back for more HAHA, but seriously, it was some good ice cream yo. It was fresh, creamy and tastes exactly like how a softserve is to be

I’d say it’s def a must go if you are around the area!Prices for each soft serve starts from S$5.20.
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