My weekend in Singapore

It’s been a little while since I had a chance to go photoshoot under the sun! The beautiful sunlight, a chilled out weekend was exactly what I needed! Nate happened to be in Singapore too so we thought we’d spend abit of time at Chijmes for the weekend.

Decided to have Ma Maison for lunch.

Food, was impressive

Very, very impressive. Curry was spot on and the pork cutlet cooked to perfection. I did had a super satisfactory meal.

By the time we were done with our meals we were actually quite stuffed, but refused to waste the beautiful day indoor in a shopping mall so I suggested Prive, which is def quickly becoming one of my fav cafe to be chilling at. The weather in Singapore has been extremely pleasant of late, no more rainy days, abit hot, but still very comfortable winds so honestly, it’s as good as it gets so I’m def not asking for more.

We took advantage of the Happy Hour prices at Prive(11am-8pm) for some yummy cocktail. I can never resist a Prosecco on a hot arvo afternoon but Nate decided to go for the ol Mojito.

I dont think we had to grab any food to order the drinks here in Singapore( blame RSA for constantly making me think I need to order food with alcoholic beverages) but we still did anyway, just incase.

So yeah, that’s pretty much my afternoon

I have to say if you sat under the sun it’d be scorching but under the shades with the cool breeze, there’s really nothing I can complain about.

My OOTD for the day

On Sunday, we had le classic Singapore breakfast. Soft boiled eggs with kaya toast and teh tarik. Chilled and chat with my cousins for a good time before it was time to leave to the MRT station. I’ve always known about Raffles Hotel, just never knew how beautiful the premises is until we walked past the building. The place, is amazing.

And I guess that’s pretty much it. Ended the afternoon with a good cup of tea from Tea Forte at Supply and Demand.

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