Dim Sum Syndrome

Dim Sum Syndrome
That sleepy feeling that you get on a Sunday Morning after breakfast. Usually happens after a good dimsum breakfast

So apart from the fact that I fell sick again over the weekends, I had a very much enjoyable weekend lurking around Johor Bahru
Me and a few friends took some time off the busy city life in Singapore and drove ourselves to JB for some (well okay fine mostly) much deprived Malaysian food. We started our lunch with steamboat

then we sang our way through 3 hours of Karaoke session

and ended our afternoon activities with some mind games at Real Escape and drove ourselves to 8lido for dinner. I have to say the meal wasn’t as good as I remembered it but the service was pretty darn good for the night.

And then came the much anticipated dessert at By Grace. It’s almost a tradition now for me(all thanks to Alicia who recommended me this place) to visit the place when I’m around town.

Then the rest of the night was a blur to me. I fell ridiculously ill and climbed myself to bed and slept the whole night. Woke up to a very empty stomach and the gang unanimously agreeing to having Dimsum for breakfast. I mean, it’s dimsum..how can you possibly say no to dimsum on a Sunday morning.

Then since all of us ended up having dimsum syndrome, we thought we’d keep ourselves awake with some coffee at Just Want Coffee

I’m absolutely in loved with the hazelnut cold brew coffee.

and now I’m back in Singapore. Still feeling ridiculously ill but so excited since I’m seeing Calista in a few hours time! Btw, I’m absolutely loving my purple hair!
Have a great day guys!

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