Gunung Lambak

So over the weekend, I did something ridiculously stupid-
Volunteering myself to go hiking with a bunch of friends.

Yes so to some people, it might not seem that stupid of an idea but to me, it was.
Reason? I haven’t exercised in ages =.=
But before that, I had a lovely Saturday consisting of nothing but good food in JB. We were hiking at Kluang on Sunday so it only made sense to crash at a friends for the weekend so we could(or specifically, I could) wake up in time for the hike on Sunday.
Had the yummy 126 Dimsum in Geylang

Course I had to have Siew Mai

and we had Japanese for dinner

Ending the night with desserts from my fav By Grace

On Sunday, we left to Kluang at about 7am and arrived at the very original Kluang station for breakfast. Breakfast next to the train station is pretty different I must say.

I was the happiest girl as the breakfast consisted of my absolute fav
Nasi Lemak, Teh Tarik, Softboiled eggs, Toasted bread with kaya and butter. BEST breakfast combination I kid not.

And once we were all well watered and fed, we made our way to Gunung Lambak.

Pictures are taken whilst I had my energy.

Going up the mountain wasn’t too bad of a hike, but as soon as we got to the peak, someone suggested we take this hike to see this ginormous tree. I’m not usually one to go against seeing something so spectacular in life but the hike down was seriously no joke. Almost 75 degrees of a slope with just ropes to make sure you don’t roll your way down the hill. And if it made anything worst, it was a one way road down so meaning we had to climb our way back up to the peak to get back home.

A vid one of my friend made when we got to the tree

But you see, the interesting thing about in life is that you can never know what to expect. We went hiking with 9 of us and ended up making another new 5 friends。

With all the dramas that went on whilst we were on our hike(a freaking 7 hours hike I must add), I’m sure it’s gonna be a friendship damn worth well remembering.

And that guys was my weekend.How’s yours?

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