Tea Obsession

If there’s one thing that I’ve got more issues than my Chilli Pan Mee obsession, it’d be my tea issues.
No I’m serious, just last night I dream Miranda Kerr offering me a cup of tea at her shop(tea was delicious btw) and I spent my morning trying to look for the name of the tea before realizing it was just really all but a dream.

Thought I’d share some of my fav tea brands with you guys!
T2 Tea
Betjeman & Barton
Fortnum & Mason
Mariage Freres

Ah teas,
So let’s move on to brewing that perfect cuppa
Brewing that perfect cuppa and not quite sure how to do it? Here’s a vid tutorial from Fortnum & Mason to help!

People usually ask, erm, so where do you have your teas? Well to be honest, I don’t like anywhere that’s too busy so I usually enjoy my tea when I’m back home

Or if I can find a quiet Starbucks(which is rare but the one at Fullerton is pretty darn good)

TWG at ION Orchard

Other places include The Majestic Hotel Tea Lounge which is always one of my to go places in KL for tea with friends

Laduree in Paris on 21, Rue Bonaparte

and perhaps my absolute fav place with my absolute fav tea brand, Mariage Freres in Carrousel de Louvre

Always having the dilemma of having to make a decision to either having tea or coffee but I have to say I’d usually still will prefer tea over coffee

I’m also particularly fond tea wares.Especially those that made of transparent glasswares.

Infact I like seeing my tea wares so much I actually bought a DIY serving trolley from IKEA and made it to my own DIY Teacart!

I know, I’m not even quite sure why I wrote this blogpost. Please do let me know if I’m not the only one so obsessed with tea!
I guess it must be one of those crazy Thursday viruses that’s going aronud. Guess it is time for another cuppa ey. Happy Thursday all!

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