Antoinette, Mandarin Gallery

Had dinner with my cousin the other day and we couldn’t quite decide what to have for dinner.
Finally decided to have our dinner at Antoinette in Mandarin gallery. Mandarin Gallery is def one of my fav places to have dinner at, it’s quiet, queue is never as long and did I mention the place is always super quiet?
The ambience at Antoinette is amazing, huge comfy sofas with french music and dim lights, I can’t ask for a better way to end my Tuesday night.

We spent a good 10 minutes trying to decide to what to have for dinner. It was so difficult, my cousin even at one point was tempted to have breakfast for dinner, sheesh. When we were finally done with mains, we realised we had to pick desserts too -.-
My cousin had the crab pomodoro for dinner and I ordered myself a gnocchi carbonara.

I kid not, I’ve never had better gnocchi than this. Was trying to take the photos but the smell of carbonara was too good to resist, and I’m usually quite determined at at least having a good photo of my meal before I start eating. Yolk, cheese, cream and bacon. Honestly, how can this not be good. The gnocchi was cooked to perfection, I loved the dish so much I actually managed to finish it all, and if you know me in person and have had the most unfortunate chance to dine with me, you’ll know that I will rarely ever finish a meal.

Ordered the Le Vacherin de la Reine for desserts and we were still feeling abit peckish

So we got ourselves chocolate macarons. Personally I feel the macarons at Antoinette are far better than the ones from Laduree

LOVED the place! It’s abit on the pricier side but so worth the money. The tables are quite small and limited so if you are thinking of dining in perhaps it’s good to go on weekdays instead.
Service was amazing and I just cannot wait for my next visit again

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