Long weekend and April Plans

I’m just looking at my April plans and I”m actually quite stoked. Had a very amazing Easter weekend, blessed Easter guys. I wasn’t back in KL as I’ll be flying off again on Wednesday so me and a few friends thought we’d make another, yes another trip down to Johor.

Rocked up rather late due to the queue so we headed straight for lunch and had very yummy korean bbq at Han. I was impressed with the food there, it was actually rather good and the price was also relatively friendly! *Address*

Then it was coffee at liberica, chit chatting sessions and alot more darts that night

On Saturday I spent my whole day and night at home, which to be honest feels AMAZING. I haven’t had a chance to stay home for a full day and just having just one day to do so feels fantastic! I read up on some books, thought about new ideas and plans for some very exciting upcoming project and spent nothing but quality time with Pan Mee(no joke)

On Sunday, seeing how the queue will be clear I decided to make a trip down again to Johor, but this time alone taking the bus to meet my friends for coffee.

Got off CS and headed straight for some really good wanton mee(though I still think it’s much better to have Indian food)

and then we spent some good time just having coffee and reading Harry Potter before we decided to crack our brains playing games at escape room.

Anyways, my April weekends are pretty much all booked up now. I’m actually flying off this Wednesday to Kota Kinabalu for Vicky’s wedding

then back for Beauty and the Beast musical for the 19th weekend,

and will be in Kukup on the last April weekend.

Still trying to fit little things here and there so fingers crossed all will work out the way it should!
Ending the post with a little makeup trial I did on Saturday!

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