Kukup, the little things

I’ve been seriously venturing around and about Malaysia ever since I moved to Singapore (the irony I know) but it’s been such an amazing experience.Last weekend, we landed ourselves in Kukup. I don’t even know how I ever so bless to meet a bunch of people who are always up for the little adventures. I have so much photos but I’ll limit it to these to not lag your computer (I’m so thoughtful hah).
The trip was such a relaxing one, we didn’t really do much, just ate, karaoke, ate, played games, chat, karaoke and ate again. I did however thought of the best way to dress down for the trip, someone *cough vin cough cough* was so persistent about me dressing down and wanted me to have minimal accessories for the trip so I thought hey, perhaps henna was a good idea.
Our adventure started on Friday night, where me and xixi met up and headed down to JB to meet the gang for a late night movie. By the time we were done (watched Avengers, thought it was a bit of a disappointment) we headed back to Tunes hotel (me and xixi stayed the night there) to get ready for Kukup the next morning.

Just had to do the selfie photos. Anyways if you are wondering, all the clothes are from Bershka, shoes from 82tales on Haji Lane.

By the time I was slightly more awake, we’ve already reached Pontian for breakfast. Everyone was so famished we couldn’t even be bothered looking for the restaurant we were supposed to go to and had these yummy stuff instead.

Yup, def hungry now.

So just slightly before noon we got to the jetty to catch our ferry to our accommodation on Kukup.

There’s always something about the sea breeze, the salty air, the warmth of the sun always makes you feel super good. So I think the photos are pretty much self explanatory by now so I’ll leave it to you guys to view it

Our accommodation was pretty decent! For a fishermen’s village I thought it was a very well kept house. The owners were extremely friendly too, making sure we were all well watered and fed through our stay. There was in total 3 rooms, each room decked out with double deckers so if you have a huge group, it’s def something I’d recommend

And they have a massive karaoke room, which is probs the reason to why we spent almost the full day singing hah!

I took the opportunity to take a walk around the island, and found these people drying out belacans, pretty interesting don’t you think?

But if there was anything that really impressed me, it was the serenity and the view of the village. It’s not much, but I really thought it was all that we needed to get away from the hectic city we’ve been living in.

And if you do get a chance, you should get yourself one of these jelly desserts! I was told it’s one of their local delicacy, not my fav thing to be eating to be completely honest but it works haha.

We woke up the next day to plenty of food, which was def a good thing because we were all famished!

My outfit for the day for the second day..
And before we knew it it was time to leave. Here’s a photo of me and the super tall Al, bit annoying because I can never really get him completely in photos and he just likes to annoy me by making sure he’s never in frame for photos 0.0

and off we went to the place where they well, fish.

And that was it for my weekend in Kukup, the day didn’t quite end there because even with the lack of sleep we still manage to drag ourselves out to coffee and played a game at Real Escape before me and Xixi headed back to Singapore to prepare ourselves for this 4 day workweek.
Thank you Kukup, you’ve been amazing

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