A dazzling night

So we finally managed to visit Dazzling Cafe in Singapore. B has been wanting to go to the cafe so bad it was just evil if we didn’t had it plan for the routinely Wednesday meetup. Me and Y got off work a slight early so we thought we’d check out their menu, thank Godness we did because with Dazzling Cafe soft launch, their last order was at half past 7! So do take note if you are thinking of visiting the place.
Now I’ve only been to the Dazzling Cafe in Taiwan and didn’t quite enjoy the food as much there so I was abit skeptical, but the decor looks quite on point don’t you think?
终于有时间去尝试 B 拭目以待的 Dazzling Cafe了。之前在台湾旅游的时候有机会尝试这家cafe,那时候也是walk-in,完全不知道这家cafe原来还真的挺有名气的。那时候就觉得cafe的环境好好~拍出来的照片都特别漂亮~至于食物的味道嘛,其实也就觉得还好而已。

Loved the cute chairs, cute menu, oh everything is quite cute in the cafe I must admit!

B ordered herself a mushroom and zucchini fettuccine

And I couldn’t resist but to order myself a truffle risotto. I know it might not look as good in photos(come on you gotta admit risottos never look good in photos) but this was some serious good stuff yo. I loved it!

A ordered himself the chicken with creamy pesto sauce and I must say for a non chicken lover, it was pretty decent of a meal.Though I wouldn’t recommend it if you aren’t a pesto lover.
如果你想点比较普通的,可以尝试这个creamy pesto sauce with chicken.可是就不太推荐不喜欢pesto sauce 的朋友了

Was his Royal Matcha latte good? No idea, didn’t even had a chance to take a sip on it -.-

then CK ordered some waffles(sorry can’t remember the name) , to be completely honest, I didn’t quite enjoy it as much as I thought I would

But the hazelnut chocolate toast was da bomb! This was some serious yum stuff

So that pretty much concludes our night at Dazzling Cafe, headed out for a bit of a walk and came across this beautiful open fountain and decided to go abit crazy. Yeah , was completely drenched by the end of it but it was so darn worth it!

别怀疑,拍完照片的我,绝对是全身湿完 。
We are almost at Friday! Hang in there guys!

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