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If you guys follow me on Snapchat(ID:yukikotan), you’d have known I’ve made a few spontaneous trips around Malaysia. Was just in Malacca for a half day trip yesterday but will get to that in abit.
这几天都一直在跑,真的都快把时间都给忘了。明天就需要赶飞机,但我却完全还没开始收拾行李啊。谁有玩snapchat的(我的ID:yukikotan) 应该都会知道我最近除了吃,还在吃(还亏我说要减肥呢)。那天就有时间,就跑到了朋友介绍的Sea&Saw 咖啡厅。我们到达的时间还有点早,所以咖啡店还没完全开,可是因为自己本身也不太饿所以我们也就点了咖啡和果汁。喜欢喝果汁的人可以考虑哦,他们家的果汁都是cold press 的,所以很健康~
The other day whilst we were in JB, before catching the terminator movie, we managed to sneak in a bit of time to check out this little cafe along Danga Bay. I guess it was too much of an understatement to just use words to express how much I loved their interior decor so I’ll let the photos do the justice. It was minimalistic, spacious and the best part? Plenty of sunlight.
We got there at bout 2.30pm, which wasn’t a good thing because the cafe only started serving coffee and food at 3pm, but it all worked out well for us because it meant that the place was still empty from guest and we could take as much photos as we want.

Click on photo for more details

I guess if it weren’t for the scorching weather, this would be a brilliant place to chill out (oh btw if you are looking for the place it’s just a street away from 8lido).

They homegrown some of their veggies which I thought is quite cool, but didn’t had a chance to try because we were still so full from breakfast and thought it might be a better idea to stick with just juices and coffee. Which btw, is a great place to go if you are looking for juices coz they do cold press juice~

but with the ample lighting it was difficult not to keep taking photos!

High ceilings are so much love, so so so much love

There were a couple of different sections to the cafe., which was great for photo taking. You’ve got the rooms which were all decked out in white walls, the indoor section and an area which reminds me of a very much open air garden cafe.

and the environment just didn’t quite help toning down our selfie obsession

So I didn’t try the food, so I can’t give much of a review but the coffee was decent, they had other latte options like honey latte, which in my opinion was good, but my friend didn’t like it that much but the juices were really good! The latte foam did bubble up real quick but still tasted rather good imo.
If you are looking for just a place to chill, this would def be a very ideal place. The ambience is extremely relaxing so I def recommend a visit to the place if you are around the area.
All in all a very good trip in JB, I really really appreciate all the planning and all the effort my friends has made to our trip so enjoyable.

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