Bibs & Tucker

Greetings from Perth. So the weather has been absolutely fantastic (by that I mean exceptionally cold) but it’s been really sunny today so I guess I really can’t complain. Just gotta start my Perth blogpost trips with the accessories I got from Acexspade, wearing the triangle cuff in gold and mini bar cuff in silver, Bottega Veneta woven leather bracelet, and my watch.
Took me abit of time trying to figure out where to go for lunch actually. I wasn’t feeling particularly hungry since I just woke up from my nap. I flew in with AirAsia on their midnight flight and upgraded myself to the quiet zone(no crying kids yay) but was lucky enough to had all 3 seats to myself but with going through customs and immigrations, I couldn’t help but to stay in and nap the morning away.

Decided to try out Bib & Tucker coz they were located just by the beach,which is exactly what I needed to wake myself up for the day since I had to run a couple of errands after my meal. Did I like the place? You bet!

Was such a sunny day I just couldn’t resist sitting indoors.

Got myself a small lil low sofa area, which didn’t really bother me since I was having lunch by myself.

That, and the view was AWESOME. Blue skies, and the blue shimmering ocean, seriously, on a Wednesday arvo too.

Latte, nuff said.
For lunch, I got myself a beef burger(medium rare), which came with chips and salad on the side.  Burger was good, chips was good(So good I had to fight with the seagulls to have em)

Yup, I had to fight with the seagulls for my lunch. This cheeky fella was eyeing on my chips throughout my whole lunch! He couldn’t get near my food so he flew away(got really close once and nearly knocked my coffee off the table) and came back with another seagull friend to try attempt to steal my food, goodness!

So when I was done with my meal(and fighting with the seagulls) I made a detour to the scenic route to do a bit of a afternoon walk on Mosman Beach.

Seriously, Perth, and you expect me not to fall in love with you.

You must be delusional

Right, and that pretty much concludes my day since I spent the rest of the day running errands and going for evening runs. Gonna try and hit Jacobs Ladder tomorrow morning so I’m going to head to bed in abit.
Side note: Perth just had to pick tonight to be at it’s lowest at 2 degrees, guess that allows me to shop more, no?

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