Japan Memories

Japan, is such an amazing country. The food, is amazing, the culture, is rich and the people, oh where do I even start with the people. We’ve asked for plenty of directions whilst we are in Japan, at most times, we didn’t even had to initiate the questions that were asked and we were offered help by just random strangers, sometimes they don’t just give directions, they even bring you to your destination.
Let’s do a recap on my trip. We spent quite a fair bit of time on traveling, going from nearly south of Honshu to north of Honshu. This was only made possible because we purchased ourselves a JR pass throughout our trip and was able to travel anywhere that the JR line could bring us. This was very convenient, imagine our trip from Kyoto to Tokyo, that took us just about 2 hours and half and our trip from Kyoto to Nagoya was just over 30 minutes. That’s shorter journey than me attempting to drive to KL from home =.=
我们这次旅行就花了好多时间在火车上,其实买了JR pass 还真的好方便,毕竟从南到北只要JR line 可以抵达的地方,就可以上了火车去到我们新的目的地

On the days we were in Kyoto, the rain paid us a visit, which was quite annoying because it meant alot of our plans were disrupted. One of my favorite place to visit in Kyoto was the Fushimi Inari Daiji(伏見稲荷大寺)

Then there was the arayama bamboo garden, which was ever so cooling and green. 

and of course there was the culture。

Just had to made use of the umbrella hahha, Doing it Mary Poppins style.

And I def enjoyed my time wearing my yukata around in Tokyo. It was a very hot day so I didn’t opt for the kimono as it would be a little too warm. Did manage to get some really good photos tho! I especially love the obi, the ribbon is so cute!oh and the head piece,super on point
来到了日本,当然也要穿和服,夏天天气总比较热,所以选了夏天的yukata, 拍起照片都很有感觉呢

and I made a new friend! Meet me new phone cover Mr Brown。

Yeah I think he’s pretty cute too, bit much but heh, cute。

We spent most our time eating。

and travelling,

and finding new food again.

Sightsee for a little

all in these wooden shoes, pretty cool ey,

but yes I had very much fun indeed on my Japan trip, and even manage to sneak in a swan ride with my sister, which to us was quite the most unexpected thing to do on our trip

Yes brown, I know you enjoy your curry really much。

But that’s all for Japan. Thank you so much for the memories and experience. Now I’m off for another trip(on the way to the airport while typing this) and I’ll see you guys soon again
Stay safe, and drink more water guys!

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