Aoyama Flower Market Cafe

So I fell ill, not too long ago but def long enough to abandon my blog for the past few days
Anyways can’t really type much coz my head’s been spinning but I thought I’d just fill in some photos of my recent trip at the Aoyama Flower Cafe in Tokyo
The place from the outside looks like an ordinary flower market but once you step into the cafe it’s as though you’ve just walked into a garden party. Greens everywhere and floral decorations on each table, it was difficult not wanting to snap photos.

Once you step into the place, it’s as though as you’ve just walked into a room scented with different floral scent, but not the sickening type, just as though you’ve just walked into a garden filled with nothing but flowers.

Food is amazing, if there’s one you’d have to try it’d be the flower french toast, nice yummy fruits on a perfectly toast brioche for desserts. So so good

Aoyama Flower Market is just minutes walk from the OmoteSando station(unfortunately not on the JR line)
and that’s it for this time coz I’m so tired and def need to go back to bed. Till next time!

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