Wild Sheep Chase Cafe

So the weekend me and my cousins headed to Wild Sheep Chase Cafe for their soufflés and waffles.Jean was telling me how everyone was telling her that it was a must try place so guess we had to go. Check out their Facebook Page for their address. The place was quite spacious, with limited seats so if you want to avoid the queue I recommend going early(they open at 12) and they currently just have their soft launch menu.

I ordered myself a earl grey milk tea, which consist of citrus peels which I have to admit I quite like.

Since we were just there for desserts, we ordered ourselves the waffle and the soufflé but I insisted on having at least a sandwich coz I really do like my savory stuff. Ham and cheese sandwich was pretty good, nothing that left a super long lasting impression but it satisfied my tummy pretty well.

Then the waffle came, and mannnn it looked really good

I have to admit the waffle was a little dense for my liking bt.

The Soufflé on the other hand was amaaaazing. Def recommend it if you are around the place!

Have a great Tuesday guys!

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