Brooklyn B Bagel, SS15

Thought I’d finally properly sort out my blogpost and have it all scheduled properly so it’s easier to organize from now on. Every Monday, I’ll try and post a cafe review under the “Monday Latte” series. I hope you guys will like it!

So me and my cousin headed out for searching for breakfast yesterday, but we didn’t realise how difficult it would be to actually find a brunch place at 10am, drove around SS15 and decided to just walk into any cafe we came across as we were really really hungry.
Cousin was craving for waffles but we couldn’t find anywhere else that serves waffle so we settled with bagels instead. Check out Brooklyn’s B official page

I ordered myself a latte and the smoked salmon with cream cheese bagel and my cousin the big breakfast and changed his bagel to their cinnamon bagel

To be honest, this would be my first time really trying a bagel, and I must say it’s pretty impressive. I love how they gave generous amount of cream cheese to go with the smoked salmon and loved how the bagel wasn’t of a crunchy texture.

As usual, nicked off my cousin to see how his food tasted, and I must say I really like the sausages, still don’t know how my cousin can down the black coffee with an empty stomach. Crazy fella

and if you look around, the place really does give off a very brooklyn, american cafe feel which is quite cool

ending the post with a silhouette of the cousin enjoying his coffee

Have a great Monday guys!

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