Rubber Duck, Plaza Damas

So Jean dragged me over to Plaza Damas last weekend insisting we visit Rubber Duck. This hidden cafe only has outdoors seating so it was closed a couple of times over the past few weeks due to the haze. We were lucky bt, as it was open this time around.

Just a couple of snaps before the food came. Their menu isn’t very extensive but pretty good if you just want a good healthy meal. They do smoothie bowls, which is quite new and they sure do some pretty darn good desserts.

I ordered the breakfast wrap, which consist of scrambled eggs, smoked salmon, salad and avocado, simple, but really good.

I wasn’t quite a fan of the smoothie bowl though, I mean it tasted good, but it really just felt like I was having a banana smoothie, just nothing too special in my opinion.

BUT THE ECLAIRS, omg where do I even start. This is hands down the BEST vanilla eclairs we’ve had in Malaysia. yup, that good. The eclair had a layer of edible gold paint painted over it so it was so shiny and pretty under the sun. If this doesn’t cheer your weekends up, I seriously doubt anything else would (well unless if you hate eclairs)

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