Shirakawa-go, Takayama 白川郷,高山

第二天,我们很早就起来了,就为了要去 UNESCO 世界文化遗产景点之一-白川郷。从下呂搭个JR火车到了高山,就得在6分钟(我们的巴士8.50分出发)买个巴士票,搭巴士去白川郷。还好啊,

巴士站就在火车站旁边,所以6分钟的时间刚刚好。 整个巴士旅程也就耗了50分钟,就抵达白川郷。一下车就直接无言了,这个地方真的美呆了,有个世外桃源的感觉啊。

So Day 2 we woke up really early, caught our train from Gero to Takayama, then had 6 minutes, just 6 minutes to dash to the bus station, buy bus tickets then board our bus to Shirakawa-go, located in Gifu prefecture.

After 50 minutes of our bus ride, we arrived in Shirakawa-go, one of the places that was listed under Japan’s UNESCO world heritage sites. Man, the place is so picturesque.

From there all you have to do is walk the bridge and you’ll arrive the village in 3 minutes! Provided if you don’t stop for photos, we spent quite a good 20 minutes just on photos on the bridge
but first, ice cream of course
Shirakawa-go is famous for their gassho zukuri(合掌造り) styled houses. These houses have steep slanting roofs that resembles two hands joined in prayers, and allows it to carry the weight of the heavy snow fall during winter time.
白川郷的屋子都有个特色。两片很陡的屋顶连接起来,貌似一个人祈祷中的手掌,这被称为合掌造り, 是让屋顶可以承受冬天下大雪的重量。

The view changes according to season, so if you do come at the different seasons you’ll see very much different view。
这四季的风景也会有很大的改变,说真的,如果可以的话,还会建议每个季节都来看一次呢~ 若觉得想在这边花多点时间,可以考虑住在白川郷,这边有很挺多民宿选择,早上起来看到这个景色,真的会让人心情大好啊。

And if you walk for 15 minutes, you’ll get to the observatory deck。

and since it started drizzling, we didn’t stay long at Shirakawa-Go and headed back to Takayama for a quick city tour.
We arrived at Takayama just around 2 pm and decided to wander around the city for some sight seeing. Drop by a couple of shrines。

Takayama and Shirakawa-go are quite popular with their saru-bobo, which believes to bring luck and protection to the person who carries it. The red, represents good luck for all aspects and well, gold is of course for financial luck hahah, others like pink represents love and so on and so forth.高山和白川郷都有个很特别的东西,他们的Saru-bobo是当地人很喜欢的一个吉祥物。不同的颜色代表不同的东西,红色是各方面的,金色就财运莫属,粉红色桃花运等等。其中还有个庙有颗1200年的树呀,很壮观

We didn’t stay long bt, wanting to check out the old streets of Takayama, but first,
Takayama old streets is also called the mini kyoto, and when you put a pretty place like that with me and my sister with a camera, you’ll get heaps of photos HAHA.

and landed ourselves at one of the galleries at Takayama

Then we made a detour on our way back to the station and walked pass the red bridge, which is one of the most popular spots during their spring and autumn festival

and got to one of the olden governmental offices.过了红桥,你就会看到以前的当地的政府部门了

and that, is all for day 2!回到下呂就泡泡温泉,第二天,就这样过去了~

Headed back to our hotel in Gero and enjoyed the remaining of our night at the hotsprings/footspa. If only they had more onsens like that spreaded across Malaysia

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