Lunch date with Din Tai Fung 鼎泰豐, 1 Utama

So long there’s food included, it’s my fav time of the day. Was invited over to Din Tai Fung at 1 Utama ( I didn’t even realised they had an outlet there now) for tea. Like all the other Din Tai Fung outlets, you’ll this massive see through glass panel that allows you to view how the chefs prepare the food. I always find it super fascinating to stand and watch
Once you are done staring, well I say stare because I stare at the chef prepping food all the time hahah you can head in and enjoy your meal. It’s obviously not my first time at Din Tai Fung, being a xiao long bao fan, I’ve been here numerous time for both lunch and dinner occasion but it was my first dropping by for tea. They flew in quite alot of items from Taiwan, from the mascots, to even the soy sauce and vegs they use for cooking. Pretty impressive.

Shall we start?
Well it’s no surprise the highlight of the meal was their xiao long bao, as you can tell, they got wiped out pretty quickly. I love how even I was really bad with chopsticks, I didn’t quite create a disaster trying to eat the dumplings. Of course the credit goes to the chef for being able to prep a good skin for the dumpling that’s not too thick but yet holds everything together.
My other favorite, was their steam gyoza. I am a huge fan of dumplings in general, if you can’t tell by now so I had quite a lot of dumplings that arvo. Was super satisfied.
If you are a fan of paus, they have the meat paus, vegeterian paus as well as the mixed paus. I was actually really stuffed by all the gyozas and xiao long pau I had I just had to go easy on the paus as I was really looking forward to their lau sha pau.

but you know, you just still have got to have fried rice.

By the time we were all well fed by the mains, it was time for desserts. Sesame buns anyone?

or can I interest you with chocolate dumplings? yup, chocolate filling dumplings. It did strongly reminded me of red bean paste for some reason.

Still good, but was not my fav for that day because we had some darn good liu sha bao for that afternoon. It was so good I happily ate at least 3 of them, yes 3 after all the food I’ve had for that day.  I love how even when the skin of the pau has cooled down but once u bite into it the runny filling is still all very warm and goey and hot.  So much win in this pau.
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