Yellow Brick Road, and New Hair

Took abit of a break last week coz I’ve had to deal with some stuff but I’m back! And before I start my blogpost, I’d like to point out something rather obvious, I now again, have black (blue black to be exact) hair with blue ends.
Made 2 trips over the past few weeks to Yellow Brick Road for food. I love the place, serves good food AND you find parking easy in the area, which is always a win because it’s really ridiculous to find parking around KL nowadays anyways.

It’s a popular cafe though, so be ready to wait if you decide to drop by especially during the weekends.

I ordered myself a Chai Latte and their Twisted Pancakes,  curry with pancakes, interesting combination I must admit.

But even their usual brunch food has quite an interesting combination. Passion fruit pulp in hollandaise, unique.

Not usually a fan of big breakfast but this is some good stuff. I love their hash browns, and it was a really good hangover food cure too HAHA.

and we got truffle fries to share

That was my first visit, and I enjoyed the cafe so much I actually thought I’d bring M and C along with me on my 2nd visit. This time though, we went for a late lunch instead.
C ordered a chicken char siew pasta

and a affogato

And I ordered a Mr Mac and Cheese with mushroom, which was really delish

but the winner meal for that day was def M’s baked eggs. Def going back for it again.

Ambience: 4/5
Service: 5/5
Food: 4/5
Coffee: 4/5

Happy Monday All!

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