Sunny the busy fatty | 鹦鹉很忙

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Being a macaw isn’t easy. I don’t understand why humans always say we have a good life. If you don’t agree, let me bring you with me on my morning routine and schedule.

I start my day off with a quick bite, saying goodbye to my roomie/hopefully future partner.
Then I look for my subordinates to get updated on my daily tasks.然后就要去找我的秘书和我说我今天要忙什么了。
Then I stop for a quick break for food. Gosh, all the work I have to do just to make sure I get enough nutrients! Guess nothing is too easy in life

Then I check that everyone is up to their daily task and getting work done on time.Of course, breathing down one’s neck or giving compliments when it’s required
And if you think all is always well, then you gotta think again. Sometimes I do get distractions too, a friend or foe, depending on whether I have food I guess, but Robin is pretty cute of a visitor I admit, but just not today since I’ve got so much work todo

Yup off you go pretty bird, got plenty to catch up today mate, see you again same time tomorrow?
And if you seriously think I only talk and not do work, well here’s proof I make my subordinates life a little tougher, guess they could do more job by cleaning these leaves

Opps, guess you caught me eating again. Ah well, guess I gotta admit I really really like food ey, but don’t we all? So if you want to say being a parrot is an easy job, you might wanna think again.I have to say sometimes in life I would really like to think I’m superbird but in fact, I’m still working real hard to achieve my goal, but it’s always good to dream ey
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