Eat. Taipei | 吃。台北

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Starting this year’s blogpost with last year’s travelog, how efficient hahah! I guess I should be really grateful I was able to fly so much last year, hopefully this year will be equally if not more trips. I already have a Hong Kong one planned out for work the week after but first I’m going down to JB this weekend so I guess we have a few nice blogpost coming up, which I’m super excited about!Anyways I’ll get on with my Taipei trip. So I made a solo trip to Taipei for Christmas,and my main goal, was to eat, eat and eat. I did almost no sightseeing visits on this trip and you know what? I totally loved it!
虽然说2016已经成了过去,但是不写下这个游记就真的好像很对不起自己。这次去台北就真的只是为了吃。如果你真的是要来拿旅游景点必去笔记,那你还可真是来错地方了。这次单人游真的没去了什么景点,所以啊。。。paiseh 咯。但是你要找看看有什么好玩,好吃的,那我可能还可以帮到你了。这次其实还真的算是去了很多地道地方,所以,还觉得挺不错的。
I took out the earliest flight to Taipei with Malindo Air, how early? Well I had to wake up at around 4am so I could reach the airport, check in etc and by the time I got to the lounge, it was this time

我乘搭malindo air 的最早航空,说真的,还真的太太太太太早了。等我checkin,入境过后,时间还只是以上这个时间啊~
My Itinerary?


I’ve had some really really good meals that I loved during this trip, I’ll link them here if you are interested to trying them out。这次去还真的找到了很多很喜欢的地方吃,所以有兴趣的可以自己看看哦
溏老鴨平價小火锅 Cheap hot pot ,average 250 TWD per pax
Commune A7 container pop up
梦之饮 Dream Color (duo color drink)
师大生煎包, fried paos
Of course not forgetting family mart/ 7-11
Places to check out
Huashan 1914 Creative Park 華山1914文化創意產
Song Shan Cultural and Creative Park 松山文創園
Ximending Red House 西门町红楼

I’m a huge mee sua fan, so staying just about 5 minutes walk away from A Zhong was prolly the highlight of my trip, no I’m seriously not kidding. I loved it so much so I’ve had it about 3 times throughout my 6 days trip!
Then it was Iki, which was also another highlight of my trip. This was such a good meal I just couldn’t stop thinking about it after. Lunch set was easy to pick, it was either at 1800 TWD or 2500 TWD for a omakase lunch. Menu was decided by the chef on the day depending on the ingredients they’ve got so I’d say it’s pretty special =) Totally underestimated how full I’d be after all the food though! I went for the 2500TWD but got too full halfway so they charged me a little lesser than the initial price cause I didn’t end up going for the full course!
人家都说,台湾的日本料理还真的不是盖的。这次就去了 Iki 吃,还真的挺不错的,材料都特别新鲜。他们也没有一个固定的菜单,就你选了价钱,师傅就会帮你决定你整个餐会吃什么了。
Sushi-IKI 粋
699 TWD for all you can eat hot pot/all you can drink!!!
ALL YOU CAN EAT, ALL YOU CAN DRINK (they serve wine, beer, and sparkly too!!!)and it was delish!!
吃到饱,喝到饱 (还有酒呢!)重点还是很好吃!!
Beitou Hot Springs

So me and my cousin booked ourselves a trip to enjoy the nice comfortable winter weather. Took the MRT to Beitou, easy peesy and had our coach to pick us up from the designated waiting area to go to our hotel for a nice hot spa. We booked the private spa room at Grand View hotel and loved every minute of it! The room we got is “you xiang” so if you want the same one, make sure to mention when you make reservations!
Grand View Hotel


Botega Del Vin
(The Italian food here was SOOOOO GOOOOOOOD!!!!)


I had a reindeer blowdrying my hair for Christmas Eve HAHAHAH

I just couldn’t help laughing whenever I see this picture. That guy, ah well. Anyways coffee was at
Fujin Tree 353 Cafe by Simple Kaffa

And this will conclude my Taipei trip! It’s been a lengthy one so if you’ve reached till here, thanks for reading and will see you guys next week!
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