Snow in March | Hokkaido

So my mom decided that we should try and at least find snow in hokkaido at the beginning of the month. It’s already Spring in most countries but Hokkaido was still at it’s negative 10 to 0 Celsius degrees. We booked our tickets with Airasia,booked our last minute wifi device from Travel Recommends and then brought my PS love heat pack with us for just incase situations. After all, we were only just gonna go for 3 days as I’m flying off again end of this week so I really needed to settle some stuff before I leave
First, you gotta eat. Trust me, nothing is good when you are hungry in winter. The airport does treat you pretty well with the options of Ramen Shops on the 3rd level. There is also a Guntetama and a Hello Kitty shop if you are into those kinda stuff. But once you are done eating, head over to the JR station and get your tickets! If you are travelling much, and not quite sure where you want to go, which is how our situation is as we just wanted to take snow photos, purchase the Hokkaido JR pass. There is a 3 days, 5 days and a 7 day pass that allows you to travel along the Hokkaido JR pass unlimitedly.

真的要吃饱啊,没什么比冬天饿肚子还来的辛苦。还好机场选择特多,拉面店也真的很多。吃饱了就要记得去JR 场买票,如果你和我一样,行程不太定或者一天下来可能会去很多地方,那你可以考虑北海道JR pass.
If you aren’t ready, you can always find plenty of snacks around the markets. With the Hakodate JR pass, it’s really easy to get around. Just figure out the schedule for the trains and off you go onto your next trip! We dropped by Hakodate morning market and found white strawberries and the freshest sea urchin too! Would have loved to stayed longer but Hakodate wasn’t snowing. So we spent most our time instead at lake toya, which is where we booked our accommodation. We did also make another half day trip at Onuma Koen, which is where we found our snow photos. On the last day we went back to Sapporo and spent our day at the beer park and to do some shopping


Lake Toya is beautiful. We stayed at Daiwa Ryokan Annex, which was a ryokan that is about 100 years old. It was cheap, and included breakfast and dinner and had public bathrooms.

Nothing really beats the comfort of finding a nice warm restaurant to view the beautiful lake. Mind you this was literally all I was wearing underneath the blue fluffy jacket. This restaurant was just down the road from where we stayed and had beautiful window panels overlooking the snow and lake. Food is great too!

My fav place this trip, was a surprise find at onuma quasi park. We weren’t sure if we wanted to stay at Hakodate, so we bought ourselves ice cream and ran for our next train undecided to where we’d wanna stop. Decided against Mori because it was next to the ocean and the vicinity of Onuma Koen station had so much snow!

We ended our trip with yummy beers and shopping sessions at Sapporo

So hokkaido, thank you for your snow in March. Thank you for the last day heavy snowfall and also the beautiful sunny weather whilst we were there.
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