hello 2020

January 2020

2020 has been weird. I started off being all hyped up about it. Attended a winebar launch that I took a little part of , travelled interstate almost every weekend and had a fantastic Chinese New Year with my family whilst discussing about how corona virus in CHINA and how it was such a scary time for them to not celebrate chinese new year and all and thought it was so lucky that it didn’t happen in Malaysia. I mean, I even posted up a post early start of the year hoping 2020 will be good to us.


Went to Iceland and spent time with my lil sis and my fam in London in Feb. Well as you guys would have known, corona virus wasn’t all that crazy outside China just yet in the month of Feb.Sure we heard some cases, but it wasn’t intense so even when we were travelling, we took some precautions but it wasn’t really like full on kinda awareness, just stayed away from people and avoided the crowds as much as possible.


I was already back in Malaysia by then, and was starting to feel the impact of the Corona Virus at the place I work in (I currently am working in F&B). Did a quick trip south to Johor to attend a wedding, came back and things were getting rather intense…politically.

We were in the midst of a falling government and days without a prime minister so obviously at that point, our attention were mostly focused on our political news so when the new government formed, and a new prime minister came about (all in less than a week) , most Malaysians are still in shocked with the turn of events politically.

So, on the 16th March, Monday, I was having a weekly meeting with my bosses as usual. It about 10pm when our phones started buzzing crazily with messages saying that our new prime minister announced we were going into a lockdown on the 18th of March .

What do you mean a lockdown?

Don’t be crazy, are you telling me that we can’t leave the house at all?


So it took about 10 minutes for the lockdown news to fully sink in, and realising that F&B were not under the essential categories, so we were only allowed to do delivery.Interstate travelling wasn’t allowed anymore, heck interstate, even travelling from Selangor to Kuala Lumpur will get you stop by the polices.

it was madness

Made the decision to move back to my parents place(which was about 10 minutes drive away from my apartment). Packed my cat , which oh, sorry, I forgot to mention but I adopted a cat in January 2020. He’s about 1 year old when I adopted him and it was such a sudden decision that I wasn’t expecting at ALL. He’s my absolute baby atm so let me show you a photo of my precious cat

Fluffington aka Fluffy currently weighs at about 8kg, is about 55cm in length

He’s extremely friendly, absolutely adore cuddles and is the stickiest, most dog like cat I’ve ever met -.-‘

That’s fluffy, anyways, back to the topic. Packed my cat, most the essential stuff FOR THE CAT, and bought cat food and litter to be sent to my parents so I don’t have to carry it back. I didn’t pack much on my end apart from my laptop and my wallets since most my clothes items are at my parents place anyways.

April – May

The initial MCO was supposed to only last for 2 weeks…and then it got extended for another 2 weeks, and then another 2 and before we could even realise it, we were homebound for nearly 3 months before the government lifted SOME of the restrictions.Fortunately for the restaurant I work in, F&B was one of those that was allowed to operate during the CMCO for dine in customers with strict regulations. So I moved back to my apartment again with my cat and I have to say whilst it sucks to be homebound ALL THE TIME, it was good to be spending so much time with my family too. We had all our meals together everyday and I have to say, was really a luxury especially when I know so many of our frontliners are working their asses off to fight the virus for US, and also people struggling to meet ends meet. I also spent every waking hour with Fluffy, which he absolutely LOVED and wouldn’t leave me side for anything…so much for independent cats.

What did I learn through MCO
My cat was very sticky
I have a sticky cat
I didn’t know a cat could be stickier than super glue
There is no such thing as personal space when you have a cat


So as of today the 25th of June, we are in RMCO, which stands for Recovery Movement Control Order and we have most industries operating back to normal with the new normal. We are allowed to travel interstate now but aren’t allowed to fly internationally so I guess you’ll see more domestic travelling vlogs! Still am not used to wearing face masks , but I guess until a vaccine is found, it’s the next best way to prevent it if you are constantly heading out. I’ve started vlogging too, thought it would be a nice way to remember this weird time in life where a virus literally wiped out all forms of possible tourism, and that most people in the world are, home bound

I’m actually in the midst of editing my Iceland photos ( I blame it on lack of inspirations) but I’m really determine to finish it so I can start blogging about it soon! so till then!

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